What You Should Know About Therapeutic Massage

Getting a massage has its many benefits to people from all over the world. There are different kinds of massage techniques used to relieve stress and to provide other therapeutic benefits. London shares the spotlight with other countries in the kind of massages that are offered like Escort Massage London experiences, but for this article's sake, we are going to discuss therapeutic massage techniques, why people love them and how they benefit the body. There is quite a lot to know about therapeutic massage, but let's see what it is. The reason why someone goes to get one of these massages is to change the structure within the body using a sequence of techniques and specific methods. During the 1880s, most massage therapist worked in doctor's offices as assistants because back then, massage therapy was thought to be part of conventional medicine. Doctors at that time knew how to do soft tissue manipulation, which is known as friction and effleurage. This is how the Swedish massage was developed.

Massage Parlors

By the time the 1930s rolled around, the Swedish massage earned its popularity because this was not only used for soft tissue manipulation, but also for treating certain diseases and helping the injured to rehabilitate. During this era, a masseuse was known as a physiotherapist; working alongside doctors and working in places like massage parlors, beauty parlors, spas and public baths. It was then that massage parlors began offering additional services; especially by the late 1950s and early 1960s. In addition to the therapeutic massages, clients wanted sexual favors and that is how sex evolved as one of the popular services being offered in a massage parlors. For this reason, the traditional concept of therapeutic massage in many massage parlors inherited a bad reputation due to the inclusion of sex, but that quickly went away as the escort industry showed its professionalism.

The Development Era

As the late 1960s and into the early months of the 1970s, things changed a bit. A new generation came on the forefront to inspire and encourage natural healing and so there was new interest into therapeutic massage. In fact, some parlors and companies are even developing their own style of different massages. And instead of the usual 'masseuse', they are calling themselves mostly 'massage therapists'. The term 'massage therapists' was derived from the therapeutic massage, which was developed and implemented in that era. Now the terminology is very prevalent in both the escort and other professional industries. In some massage parlors, the workers do not offer sexual favors, but massage services that include full body massages.

Bodily Change

If clients choose therapeutic massages, it does not mean that they want a happy ending in terms of sex. It sometimes means that the client wants to achieve a structure or bodily change that the therapeutic massage provides. For example, the Swedish massage is therapeutic because it relaxes the client. It improves blood circulation and also enhances the circulation in the lymph nodes. The relaxation benefits are evident once the massage has been completed. A deep tissue massage is one that uses pressure to release muscle tension and spasms caused by sport injuries or other bodily injuries. In such case, it would be better to get a series of the same massage therapy on an ongoing basis. However, not all clients do.

The Focus

Before going to see a massage therapist, it helps to figure out what you are trying to accomplish. Be sure to evaluate your condition as it exists so you can explain to the therapist. Of course, the massage therapist will make certain observations in your movement and range of motion. A plan will be put in place to approach the various types of ways that the condition should be treated. It will take consistent therapeutic treatment in order to see the desired results. Once the joints show improved mobility after frequent therapy, the therapist will be able to make recommendations for additional, frequent or limited sessions.


The various levels of massage therapy will often depend on the extent of an injury. A person who solicits the services of a masseuse or massage therapy does not necessarily have to be injured. In some cases, it is all about feeling good and improving the condition of the body.

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